On Modern Fire Safety and Prevention

According to the Association of British Insurers, annual damage caused by fires in the UK is substantial. In 2009 alone, insurers paid £639 million which amounts to £3.6 million for each single day due to fires in Great Britain. Obviously, this number merely reflects the monetary damages and doesn’t take into account injuries and deaths and the fact that a fire for families or businesses can often be tragically disastrous.

Fire Prevention

Effective Fire Prevention in the UK

For that reason I and want to give you a short overview in this article about what you can do for fire safety prevention.

For businesses, proper fire prevention measures in place are obviously very important. Fortunately, we have very strict legislation here in UK when it comes to fire safety for any type of commercial venue.

Modern fire detection and prevention systems that are successfully and widely used today would be the Detectomat along with the Ansul Fire prevention system.

The Detectomat fire alarm system consists of detectors and modules did make a reliable and dependable fire detection system that is certified according to latest European and national standards. With the Detectomat, big match any type of business in the United Kingdom has a robust and time-saving option for reliable and effective fire prevention and detection.

The other often used fire prevention system is the Ansul Fire prevention system that has its use mainly in commercial kitchens. The Ansul is therefore often found in places such as restaurants or hospitals. This is a particular effective fire prevention system that is suited for the fast and effective fighting of fires. It takes into account the unique challenges that such environments like commercial kitchens bring with it in terms of quick and effective fire prevention. The Ansul is able to cool off kitchen equipment such as grills and ovens quickly. It furthermore uses a non-toxic and self-solving fire extinguishing agent.

Obviously, there are more fire prevention and detection systems available today but those listed above may be the most commonly found in our nation today.

Rejuvenate Your Body And Soul In A Spa


Spas are perfect if you want to rejuvenate your body

Whether you’re looking for a great place to relax in your home-town or when you go on vacation, knowing about the best spas can be priceless!

Spa treatments are wonderful if you want to relax and they’re fantastic if you want to get rid of body aches and joint pains. Many spas today have baths and hot tubs which can do wonders for the human body. One hour in a hot tub and you feel like a different person!

But there’s Much More Spas Can Do For You: Detox Your Body

Body detoxification today is another area where spas are excellent. With the right treatment you can get rid of all the toxins that you may have amassed throughout the years inside your body. The good thing with a spa is that there will always be experts which can recommend the best treatments for you and who can assist you. This is much better than attempting a treatment at home, especially if you’re a newbie.


Massages are certainly a classic and they always work great if you want to relax and rejuvenate your body (and soul!).-Spas are just perfect for that! After a full-body massage you will feel ten years younger and they’re the best to get rid of back aches and neck pain from long hours of sitting in the office.

Here’s my personal tip: Whenever you go on vacation, make sure you know about the best spas in the area before you arrive. I love spending days in a relaxed spa while my husband and the kids can enjoy those things they like best. At the end of the day, everyone is happy!

Golf Holidays – Our Experience

As someone who loves the game of golf I am always interested in golf breaks, especially abroad but I am normally put-off by the high costs involved. For that reason, I never really considered this option until recently. Fact is that the courses around here locally are very overcrowded. The other problem is that you can bet that if I plan a weekend on the course in town that all weather-gods will likely be teaming up fiendishly all in advance….and I mean against me and not in my favour. I don’t know what their problem is. I can count those days where I went on the course in perfect weather with three fingers. And yes this is for an entire year.

When I mentioned this to my colleagues at work, they just laughed at me. Most of them spent their golf breaks abroad, some in Italy, the other guy in Spain and Jim was raving about how he already did three golf holidays this year. I looked at them and asked straight out how they would be able to do that. No one makes significantly more money at my work compared to the other, so how should they be able to afford going to France for their favourite sport? And not only once…but several times per year. I was pretty stumped when I heard that, I have to admit.

holidayThen they told me how they all book their golf holidays online and Jim showed me the site in question. I was pretty surprised since the costs for a golf holiday abroad (and this includes the flight!) was much less than I initially thought. Golf holidays in France were a little bit more expensive but this depended on the exact location where someone wants to go for their trip. Unless it’s the super-expensive high-society spots around Nice and St. Tropez, golf holidays in France are pretty reasonable priced while those in Italy are outright bargains.

So, as you can imagine I spent that weekend browsing the site about to plan my next golf break in Italy. My wife was pretty hyped since she had never been there. She’s not really much into golf but she liked the idea to stay in a resort where she can spend the day relaxing while I can enjoy my game away from all the hectic.

We finally settled on 3 days and nights abroad in the Verdura Golf & Spa Resort in Sicily. Let me tell you, it was a total blast for both of us. The price included three nights dinner, bed and breakfast and three rounds of golf. They had two beautiful courses there, a West course and an East course. The weather was amazing seeing that we left home in the midst of a storm where it rained cats and dogs. No surprise there. When we arrived in Sicily, we were just overwhelmed by the sunshine and I admit it took a little to get used to it but this didn’t take too long.

My wife spent those days where we stayed in the wonderful spa that was part of the resort and at night she kept raving about the service and how they pampered her for hours.

As a guy I wasn’t really much interested in the spa (obviously I didn’t tell her that not to offend her) but for me it was all about the best games of golf I ever had. And I was certainly not disappointed on this very first golf break abroad! The courses were beautiful, the weather fantastic and everything else was just perfect.

As I am writing this we’re already planning the next one, this time we’re looking at further North in Italy, probably one of the great courses in the Toscana. I can highly recommend that you book a golf break abroad yourself so you see why I am raving about it that much. There is simply no reason any longer to put up with the bad weather and all the crowds at home when you can book an affordable and truly fantastic golf break right now.

Travel, Sunshine … And No Work!

Travel Fun And Relaxation Far Away  From Work

Travel Fun And Relaxation Far Away From Work

Our every-day lives can be very hectic and stressful. Relaxation and downtime are for that reason very important.

Time to take off from work, simply relaxing in the sun,a trip to the country side or visiting a good spa can not only help to regain energy and a good mood. Today, we know that a time off that allows us to relax is also extremely important for our health.

Follow my blog if you want to know about how to relax in style. Learn about the best travel destinations and resorts for your next break. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, with my tips everyone will be able to enjoy life to the fullest without having to break their bank.

Do you love sports? If you’re like me, you love staying in shape. I cannot have one week go by without visiting my favorite gym. Fitness helps me to stay energized and in a good mood all through the week. On my site I also want to give you some good tips for fitness and sports, like those travel locations where you can enjoy your favorite game of golf or where you can find the best gyms.